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Specific challenges require specific solutions.
With whom do we work?


Are you passionate about One Health and want to create your own project around it? 

Throughout the individual mentorship we will discover and explore your favourite approaches around One Health and create a prototype of your idea.

What do you get?

5 individual sessions + interviews + testing your prototype with experts


Is your company or NGO familiar with the One Health approach but lacks the cultural mindset? Do you want to lead projects related to One Health? 

We can support you in integrating an innovative mindset related to One Health in your organisation and prepare you for upcoming projects

What do you get?

Project-based approach. From user research to innovation workshops and new business models.


Do you work for a University or an educational institution and would like your students to learn a hands-on approach to One Health?

We will guide your students on how to solve real world problems with a One Health mindset while unleashing their creative potential.

What do you get?

Seminars, workshops, short and long-term courses.

All formats include interviews and testing prototypes with experts.


Are you organising an event and would like to have a talk about innovation in One Health?

We'd be happy to share the message with others and talk about innovative approaches to One Health and results from our work.



As a Veterinarian and a Design Thinking coach I see the value of applying innovation methodologies to One Health.

We need to start translating the immense scientific knowledge that we've been acquiring for the past years into practical problem-solving skills. 

By exploring different perspectives and understanding the needs, challenges and wishes of different stakeholders we can achieve unprecedented results. For the health of humans, animals and the environment.

I've been coaching multidisciplinary teams and I'm also a researcher in One Health. Also, I'm the creator and host of the podcast Cracking One Health.

Do you want to be more creative and solve real world problems with a One Health mindset? Do you want to explore and discover new skills?

Sara Perestrelo, DVM


You want to make things differently.
We can do it together.

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