One Health is a concept that is mostly known by Veterinarians and perhaps by some Medical Doctors and Environmentalists. It started as a concept 10 years ago in order to create awareness about how human, animal and the environment's health are all connected and not apart.

Our podcast's aim is to create awareness around the topic and gather experiences, advices and practical examples of how professionals are applying this topic on their everyday jobs.



Sara Perestrelo

I immediately connected with the One Health concept since I first heard it 6 years ago!

I studied Veterinary Medicine and for the past years I have been involved with innovation in Healthcare and Veterinary Medicine - more specifically with Digital Health. 

After all these years, I still don't hear anyone speaking about "One Health" in the healthcare community and the ones who know about it are almost always related to Veterinary Medicine. As I see it, this should be a topic spoken early on schools and be part of our daily lives.


So, I decided to start interviewing professionals that work with the One Health mindset in order to find out what are they doing, their results, needs and struggles. Stay tuned and let's crack One Health!

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