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- a podcast that connects humans, animals and the environment -​

About the Podcast

Human, animal and environmental health are not separated, there's an intersection of the three and that's called One Health

As we know, environmental changes affect ours and other animals health; 60% of human diseases come from animals; people that have pets have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and many findings in Veterinary Medicine have contributed to save human lives. These are some examples that highlight the importance of an integrative, multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to Public Health.

Cracking One Health brings the spotlight to the most interesting and experienced One Health professionals around the world. We'll get to know how they cope with the most exciting challenges of our time, including:

antimicrobial resistances, climate change, wildlife conservation and the symbiosis between pets and people.

I studied Veterinary Medicine in Portugal, Brazil and Thailand and for the past years I have been working in Germany at the intersection of innovation and healthcare, in human and veterinary medicine.


Stay tuned and let's crack One Health together!

Sara Perestrelo, DVM

Featured Guests


Dr. Anna van Heeckeren


One Health Organization

"People will change their behaviors to benefit their pet's health, and that is, definitely, an important part of the One Health concept"


Dr. Juan Lubroth

Chief Veterinary Officer 


"Public health is too important to just be left for the ministries of health or WHO alone. It requires all of society"


Dr. Eric Fèvre

Professor & Research Fellow

Zoonotic Diseases

University Liverpool & ILRI 

"Working with social scientists, ethnographers, physicists, climatologists and biologists, that, to me, is what is so stimulating"

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